Freitag, Juli 20, 2007

From An Early Age

From An Early Age

[ *Gut gerüstet für den Lebenslauf* ]

As time goes bye
step by step through lifetime
it's only a question of
the heighth lookin' for
it's only a question of
destination makin' a reach for
it's only a question of
changin' to the best shoes

From An Early Age
it's only a question
for Your own way.

* * *

Take Care never to keep out of reach for children
what's the best kind of shoes for their long way to reach for their stars.


©Copyright by Liz Collet
*From An Early Age* [Gut Gerüstet für den Lebenslauf]
from: *Step by Step Into My Life*, Liz Collet, 2007


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